There is nothing new and novel about Donald Trump's acceptance speech and other utterances.  The same speech in content, style, and delivery has been made repeatedly by every tyrant the world has ever known.  The same pretentious strut, the same arrogant sneer, the same contempt for others, the same overweening love of self, the same bombastic boasts, the same distortion of facts, the same narrow intellect, the same emotional instability, the same disregard of integrity, morality and ethics, the same insatiable lust for money, notoriety and power.  

There are two primary mistakes one can make with respect to his efforts to ascend to the presidency.  The first is to believe anything he says.  The second is to fail to take him seriously. History is replete with examples of people with the same characteristics as Donald Trump who have maneuvered themselves into positions of power.  The common result is disaster.  We have fought wars to rid people of such tyrants.  We cannot take the risk of allowing anyone with such characteristics to ascend to a position of supreme political power?