O     One characteristic common to every form of government yet devised is that the ordinary person has no effective way to direct its behavior, yet is subject to the incalculable harm it can do to him.


O     There is nothing more diverse than mankind's view of homicide.  It ranges from utterly abhorrent, socially intolerable, and divinely condemned, to the opposite extreme of readily condoned, socially sanctioned and divinely ordained.  The latter is referred to as war.


O     An argument that requires repeating is rarely convincing.  


O     That which is forbidden by law is not necessarily wrong.  That which is required by law is not necessarily right.  That which is ignored by law is not necessarily inconsequential.


O     It is a prudent man who never reveals how little he thinks of others, or how much he thinks of himself.  


O    Certainty is the place where questions go to die.


O    Better that a heart should break a hundred times than never feel deeply enough to take the risk of love.


O     Love is no moralist.  It does not ask what is right or wrong, true or false, good or bad, ugly or beautiful, better or worse.  Love simply loves.  


O    The clearest evidence of a society descending into ignorance and barbarism is belief it can, through the use of force, blast its way to a world of peace, justice and liberty.