O     The production of goods and services has progressed from the Age of Hand-crafting through the Industrial Age, more accurately thought of as the Age of Machine-crafting, into the Information Age, which can best be understood as the Age of Mind-crafting, since information is nothing but the raw material of that incredible processor we call mind, and the pseudo mind we call computer.


O     Expecting to achieve all that we demand of ourselves is a love affair with disappointment.


O          Money, measurement, and markets have their place.  They are useful tools indeed.  We should use them intelligently for beneficent ends.  But useful tools are all they are.  They do not deserve the deification the apostles of unrestrained acquisition demand of us.  Only fools worship their tools.


O       An original idea is merely one that never knew its parents.


O       Human history has always been a race without a victor between combat and compromise;   between concepts of power and concepts of service.


O                  Youth, take my hand and speak of love.

                      Before cold winter’s moon shall rise

         Pull setting sun back to the skies.

         One last blaze, one last bird above,

          Soaring, before the blossom dies.



O                   He’s such a friend

                 I wish he’d be

                 For friendship’s sake

                 My enemy!