O    Our present economic system is composed of corporate executives and public officials lighting matches where there is already a conflagration, and throwing buckets of water where there is already a flood.


O        Look with suspicion at proclaimed good if you wish to avoid concealed evil.  


O    It is not genius to express the simple profoundly, but to express the profound simply.  It is not poetic to express the beautiful simply, but to express the simple beautifully.


O   All the wonders of science and its obsession with mathematics notwithstanding, life will never surrender its secrets to a yard stick.


O      Life is not about controlling.  It’s not about getting.  It’s not about having.  It’s not about knowing.  It’s not even about being.  Life is perpetual, eternal becoming, or it is nothing.  It is a magnificent, mysterious odyssey to be experienced.  At bottom, desire to command and control is compulsion to rob self and others of the joys of living.

O       Making good judgments and acting wisely upon them when one has complete data, facts and information is not leadership.  It’s not even management.  It’s bookkeeping.  Leadership is making wise judgments and acting responsibly upon them when one has little more than a clear sense of direction, proper values, and some understanding of the forces driving change.


O     Liberty without responsibility is like fire without a stove.


O     Much of what passes for conversation these days is the lobbing of small bombs of dogma and little clots of banality at one another.


O     Do not make a request when your need is greatest, but when those who can grant it are most receptive, and those who would thwart it are least able.


O     Of all the delusions of a disorderly mind, desire for fame is the most grotesque, desire for wealth the most pernicious, and desire for power the most evil.


O     The philosophy of commerce and capitalism is simple: As few as possible should take as much as possible from as many as possible as often as possible.