To the degree the world has become intellectually, technologically and economically more advanced,  it has become spiritually, ethically, and equitably more barren.  Academia, Commercial Corporations, and Nation States would do well to prove they are not the cause before they purport to be the cure.   



It is extremely rare when mankind creates a compelling new story of the future, a philosophy for ennobling it and, a new concept of societal organization to enable it.  Rare as it may be, nothing less will do lest the twenty first century overwhelm us.



Competitive men crave domination.  Combative mend crave conquest.  Avaricious men crave wealth. Ambitious men crave power.  All such men goad organizations into acts ruinous to people place and planet.  All should be curbed, and none ever allowed to lead.



Growth for the sake of growth without concern for the host is the philosophy of a cell gone mad.  It is called cancer.  Growth for the sake of growth without concern for the planet is the philosophy of a society gone mad.  Mankind has become a cancer on the earth for which there is no cure unless, by some miracle of understanding, we become capable of self-remission.



Money is a symbol of material reality.  Writing is a symbol of lingual reality.  Language is a symbol of mental reality, Art is a symbol of visual reality.  Theater is a symbol of societal reality.  Symbols are not reality.  They alienate us from reality.  Unless we remain deeply grounded in the real, we are forever at the mercy of manipulators of symbols whose craft is to lead us to prefer the artificial to the real.  We then cease to be fully human and become puppets dancing on the strings of symbolic manipulators.