It is not entirely unfair or inaccurate to accuse many Academics of practicing the art of solemnly concealing a paucity of thought in a plethora of words.  They either never heard or choose to disregard LaRochefoucauld's admonition that "Solemnity is a disease of the body invented to conceal the defects of the mind.'' Little minds require many great words; Great minds require bur a few small ones. 



 Education should teach less about how to do things and more about how to think about them.  If we know only how to do something we are in chains, for we are blind to when it should be done,  where it should be done, why it should be done, what else might be done, how it can be done better, or if it should be done at all.  When we learn how to think about things we are liberated, for we can then see each thing in all its dimensions and determine what ought to be done.



The only peace conference that can succeed is one in which all participants are dedicated to admission of their own guilt, repentance, and forgiveness.  That is why there are no successful peace conferences. 



The amount of money spent on luxurious eating and care of animal pets is enough to provide a sound diet for all poverty stricken children in the world.  So much for the merits of capitalism and free markets.



The most persistent, pernicious propaganda is that which the rich and powerful utilize to convince the poor and weak that the fault is theirs, and that riches and authority are the just result of superior intelligence, character, effort and ability.    



The rich very rarely subsidize the poor, and then only poorly, whereas the poor constantly subsidize the rich, and very richly indeed,  Every nation state insures this will happen one way or another through through a complex variety of laws and regulations.  This is so obvious, pervasive and continual that it hardly merits discussion, were it not so obscenely inhumane and unjust. 



Every historian must begin with a design that determines what evidence to assemble, and a philosophy that determines how to interpret and portray the evidence.  They then paint a picture in words that is no more realistic than a painting of a stormy surf.