3/6/17     Our heart does not exist to serve only our brain.  Our brain does not exist to serve our heart.  No organ or system of organs is superior or subordinate to any other.  All harmoniously serve and are served by all others.  All evolution and nature is so organized.  Why then is it so difficult for us to so organize society.  Why do we so zealously defend and perpetuate hierarchical, command, control, and compete, mechanistic, societal organizations that are tearing the world apart and threatening our very existence?  Are we mad?     


3/6/17     For the last thousand years, societal movement from the simple and unitary to the complex and contentious has been unremitting and accelerating.  It is now exploding.  We desperately need new individual and social consciousness, new internal models of reality, new perspectives and new, chaordic concepts of organization and leadership.


3/6/17     The privileged few look upon their wealth and power as a just reward for innate superiority no matter how tawdry and corrupt the means of attainment.  They consider enactment and enforcement of laws to protect and enhance their possessions and privilege to be the proper role of government.  Prominent among them is the 45th president of the United States.      


3/6/17     A government that attempts to assure the prosperity, health and well being of its citizens by serving the interests of giant, capitalist corporations will eventually have trouble distinguishing between it reason for being and a ham sandwich.


3/6/17     Most people do not want an equitable society that provides everyone a secure sufficiency.  They have been conditioned to prefer organizations and policies that allow a few hundred to wallow in obscene riches while millions suffer intense poverty in the extremely remote possibility they will be among the few.


3/6/17     The physical sciences have been a powerful force in society for less than four hundred years.  They, along with industrial production have been dominant for two hundred years.  In evolutionary time, they are but mewling kittens with unopened eyes.


3/6/17     In a capitalist economy, a few enter the contest heavily armed with inherited wealth, superior education and preferred position, while the many enter defenseless with inherited poverty, inferior education, and no position.  We call it "free enterprise."  


3/6/17     To make language precise and communication exact, would require every person to have identical consciousness and experience.   Without such  unvarying sameness, language will always be pattern without precision---in other words, approximation.