A wise mind has no difficulty seeing a primeval forest as a sacred place---a place of reverence with its own integrity and utility.  The rational, utilitarian mind sees only trees to buy, sell and harvest.  One mind cares and the other counts


To believe that the earth and all other life therein can be brought to heel and made to serve our interest, and that mankind is not subordinate to nature and its inherent limits is to become delusional creatures on the path to destruction. 


It is hard to understand the lust for travel when one realizes the earth takes us on a free, supremely comfortable, twenty-five-thousand mile daily trip to see the sun, moon, stars and planets, the while taking us on an annual three-hundred-million mile journey around the sun. 


Law in any nation state will inevitably come to protect the rich from the poor, not the poor from the rich, just as it will come to protect the powerful from the weak, not the weak from the powerful; capitol from labor, not labor from capital; money from value, not value from money, all  in the name of justice and equity.  There will e exceptions from time to time, but not many or for long.   


Long ago, out of arrogance and ignorance, we made a Faustian bargain with science. Divorcing wisdom and taking old barren reason to bed, we proceeded to systematically decimate the earth and all other forms of life.  If we do not live in harmony with and care for the earth, what in the universe do we think there is to care for?  If the earth is not in harmony with and care for us, what in the universe do we think there is that will? 


Corporation, universities, government and other societal organizations cannot be expected to advance the wise, honest, able, independent individual.  Self interest and perpetuation demands they advance the most malleable, predictable, and corruptible - - -those most willing to serve the interests of the institution and those who command it.   


Never expect to work and progress in one area and advance in another.  If If our time, ability and energy are dissipated in pursuit of money, acquisition of power, waging of war, science and technology then regression in beauty, wisdom, justice, morality a inevitable.    


If mankind is the greatest proof of Darwin's "survival of the fittest" theory of evolution we are compelled to ask, fittest to survive for what?  Why "fittest to survive for survival," the Darwinist is compelled to reply.  If the highest and best that man can conceive and achieve is not mere survival.  And ghat is where Darwin and the Beagle ran aground.  


Stock markets do not measure the value of companies, their prospective earnings, the growth of the economy are any other tangible reality.  They measure only the aggregate belief of people that someone else will pay more for the shares they purchase than they do.  They measure greed, not value.  They are vast gambling casinos for the addicted


What a bore it is to live i the age of "mathefication" of man; the effort to reduce every mystery and marvel of life to the mechanics of measurement;  The endless march to specialization as one knows more and more about less and less; the steady regression as we try to reason our way to wisdom.  Where is the scientist who can write an equation for the mystery of a thought, or the feelings evoked by the birth of a child.