Mankind has a ten-thousand year history of conceiving systems of control and trying to impose them on people and planet without once succeeding.  The grandest schemes have had a brief moment in the sun before they disintegrated and disappeared.  When will we ever learn that we are an infinitesimally insignificant part of the universe and learn to live in harmony with the earth and all it contains just as it lives in harmony with the universe and all it contains?


The first circumnavigation of the earth took mankind three years.  Now it takes but three hours. Two centuries ago it took two years to send a message half way around the world.  Now it takes a small fraction of a second.  We have no idea what this means to the organization and function of society.  


It is a mistake to think that because there is order in the universe there must be a creator and controller.  It is equally an error to think that such order is the accidental structuring of randomly wandering energy and matter.  Neither religion or reason can account for the infinite patterns of a single living creature, let alone those of the universe. 


It is morally right to ensure that all individuals shall own the results of their talents and labor.  It is equally right that no one should own the results of the talent and labor of another. Corporate capitalism, spawned and protected by the nation state, ensures the exact opposite - - -that the fewest possible number of people shall own the results of the talent and labor of the maximum number of others.  The concepts of nation state and capitalism, as they now exist, are aberrations society cannot long endure.       


The things that matter most and are essential to a decent society such as morality, ethics, empathy, generosity, love, truth, honesty, cost nothing, while such things as hate, war, destructive consumption, environmental devastation and deceit are not necessary and cost a great deal.  Why do we so often engage in the unnecessary and expensive in preference to the essential and free?


Unless there is enormous change in our societal consciousness, our descendants will view our unrestrained, compulsive consumption, our insatiable pursuit of economic growth, and our indifference to environmental devastation as moral and ethical corruption, mental derangement and technological savagery.  The will curse us for the legacy of enormous reparations which we bequeath  to them, which they must endure.   


In our insatiable quest to know, what has happened to our capacity to care?  In our lust to get and have, what has happened to our desire to give?  In our willingness to hate, what has happened to our ability to love?   The answers are too unpleasant to contemplate, but contemplate we must.