There is no limit to our capacity to love or hate.  None on our capacity for hope or despair.  None on our capacity for generosity or greed.  None on our capacity for violence or beneficence.  None on our capacity for choice or indifference.  A livable life in a peaceful, equitable, harmonious society can never be realized by competition between individuals, corporations or nation states.  it will come about when all people choose to behave in accordance with the constructive, rather than destructive capacities, of their individual being.  Such a life and such a society are neither difficult or remote.  It is a simple matter of collective choice.  




Separability, measurement, specialization, analysis, and technology may be the immutable reality of existence, but life is more than existence.  Consciousness is a creative force of the universe. When we collectively engage in the creative act of imagining imagining  a better future, that future will be more willing to come into being than we can possible believe. 




Universities should be creators of beneficent culture, not creators of commerce. They should be gardens of wisdom, not factories of expertise.  They should be custodians of beauty, not conveyors of credentials.  They should be homes of humility, not haunts of hubris.  Would that it were so, but that can never be until the consciousness of the people abandons the tawdry race for riches, power, fame - - - until they dismiss me and mine from mind, and replace it with us and ours - - - until they listen to the better angels of their being.     




Man is not composed of autonomous organs, each of which has as its sole purpose its own function and survival.  All are connected to and function symbiotically with all others to bring into being and sustain the whole person and all it's parts.  Just so is each person in relation to all of mankind, and mankind in relation to all other forms of life, and all life to the earth itself, although we have yet to realize, or to act in accordance with that realization.  




Two of the worst taxes are those on wages and the necessities of life, yet they are most favored by legislators, not doubt because they are the easiest to collect and fall most heavily on those least able to resist or evade. 




Where does war come from?  It is not hard to puzzle out.  Have you ever heard of anyone who fought to be poor and insignificant?   I'll not ask the same question  about those who lust for wealth and power.  By now you should have figured it out.




For every ounce of time and energy universities put into understanding the economics of  nature. a ton is put into understanding the nature of social economics.  Thus, reality is sacrificed to ideology, the effective to the efficient, and life to bureaucratic blundering and technology.




For the sake of our grandchildren, if for nothing else let us lift ourselves from the ordure of ego, envy, avarice, ambition, and worship of science, technology and commerce, to immerse ourselves in respect for all life, tolerance, empathy, harmony with nature, and humble grace at our place in the universe. 




Education that give priority to measurement rather than morality, to efficiency rather than effectiveness, to enrichment rather than equity,  to analysis rather than synthesis, to science rather than soul, to knowledge rather than wisdom, provides no barrier to barbarity and violence.   After all, the holocaust was perpetrated by a society of one of the most highly educated, supposedly civilized people on earth.