No one has yet proven conclusively that a mathematician has more intelligence than a moth, or a physicist more than a marmot.  In fact, when we consider their respective contributions to a beautiful, peaceful, enduring livable life, evidence clearly favors moth and marmot.    


Hidden in the desire to create men like machines is a desire to become machine like men, along with compulsion to create societal organizations in the image of both.  As a result we abandon ethical restraints, contaminate the water we drink, poison the food we eat, pollute the air we breath, ravage the earth, and decimate the diversity of life, the while denying the malignancy of our own behavior.  No god ordained it so.  It is not blind chance.  We have chosen and followed depraved leaders who have ordained it to be so.  It is an unacknowledged death wish. Without a massive change in individual consciousness it will continue unconstrained.  


It is not the poor and humble that are desecrating the earth, instigating wars, decimating people.  It is the rich, the powerful, the honored, and acclaimed - - - the interchangeable cognitive elite that now controls government, business, science and education.  Unless their lust for wealth, fame and  power can be constrained, or their ethics, morality and integrity be reawakened the future of the planet and vast majority of people on it will be bleak indeed.  


Never has the United States been so powerful or so insecure.  Never has our ability to inflict death and destruction been so great or our ability to protect ourselves so small.  Never have we had greater capacity to eliminate inequity, and poverty or done so little to do so.  It is a failure of purpose and principle unparalleled in the history of the world, and the price has yet to be paid.


 Money is a symbol or material reality.  Writing is a symbol of lingual reality.  Mathematics is a  symbol of spacial reality.  Art is  symbol of visual reality.  Theater is a symbol of social reality. Symbols, no matter how convenient and useful, are not reality, they alienate us from it.  Unless we are deeply grounded in the real, we are forever at the mercy of symbolic manipulators whose craft is to lead us to prefer the artifice rather than the real.  We then cease to be human and become puppets dancing on the symbolic strings of a multitude of manipulators.


In a monetized, corporate society where everything becomes property to be bought, sold , rented or traded, the bulk of mankind become poor, helpless, and hopeless, not because they are inferior, but because they become invisible.  They are not seen as individual people with all the capacity, needs, desires, loves, and fears and other characteristics common to mankind.    They become commodities - - - consumers useful to the commercialization of the earth and centralization of power and wealth.  Unless they rise in rebellion, they will have no part in the governance, direction and function of their own lives, let alone those of society. 


Every triumph or tribulation;  every success or failure;  every hope or fear, is an opportunity to draw upon the unfathomable resources of the universe with which we are so amply endowed - - - humility in the face of fame, generosity in the face of wealth, tolerance in the face of criticism, endurance in the face of adversity, love in the face of hate - - - all are within us waiting to be educed. 


We cannot escape cooperation.  It is a fundamental law of the universe.  if we do not cooperate in  tolerance, generosity, justice, compassion, respect and love, we will end up cooperating in poverty, ecological devastation, economic combat, hate and war.  Cooperate we must.  The  Integrity, wisdom and values we bring to that cooperation are a matter of choice - - - how we choose, and what, are all that truly matter.


More than a century ago, Ralph Waldo Emerson in his journal wrote the following plea: "Don't trust children with sharp edged tools.  Don't trust man, dear god, with more power than he has until he has learned to use it a little better.  What a hell we should make of the world if we could do what we would."   Either there is no god, or his plea was ignored, for we now have more power than Emerson could ever have imagined, and are making just such a mess as he envisioned.