Does anyone remember that Hitler promised to make Germany great again?  Does anyone remember that Stalin promised the same to the Russian people, or that Mussolini did so to the Italian people?  Does anyone remember that those tyrants came to power by inciting groups of people within those countries to distrust, hate and fear on another;  by discrediting existing institutions;  by attacking media and distorting free speech;  by repeating lies and propaganda until they took on the appearance of truth;  by brazen claims of personal intelligence, ability and superiority;  by unrelenting denigration of opposition;  by secrecy, guile and deception;  in short, by tactics uncannily similar to those of Donald Trump.

Donald does not want to be president of a republic.  He does not want to be responsible for a democracy. He never did.  What he wants in the depths of his being is to be emperor of a great, global power - - - feared, revered, and able to indulge his every lust, whim, and aberration  unrestrained and unimpeded.  He intends to write TRUMP large on the face of the earth and he will not hesitate to trample on constitutions, pervert cultures, demolish customs, or write it in blood, if need be.  

If congress does not impeach him soon,  if the supreme court does not clip his wings, both institutions will become irrelevant just as parliaments and courts have become irrelevant in centuries past once an incipient tyrant has their foot in the door.  If congress and the courts fail in their duty, and the people of this nation do not unite in opposition to this sociopath, what remains of our freedom and independence could melt like snow in the desert. 

There is evil at loose in the land.  There will always be some who welcome it.  If the remainder ignore it, condone it, fear to confront it, or simply cannot see it, there are dark days ahead.  




Social harmony, political order and justice have no solid foundation other than the moral order and ethical sense of individuals.




Modern democracy consists of allowing us to periodically vote for media caricatures of people we will never know, can never influence, and should never trust.  What we experience is cynical manipulation, not democracy, and Trump is the proof of it.   




A merchant is a poor source of information, a thief a worse one, an enemy a dangerous one, but the head of a nation intent on self glorification and plunder is the worst of all, especially if he is our own.  




Liberty and justice caught between a crafty, corrupt leader and a credulous, careless people cannot survive.