Stock markets do not measure the value of companies, earnings, dividends, or the economy.  They measure the aggregate belief of shareholders that someone will pay more for their shares than they did,  They measure greed, not value. 


Few adults of great achievement were cooperative, compliant children.  More often, they were rebellious iconoclasts protecting themselves as best they could from the contempt and persecution of conformists.  


As diverse and complex as we perceive the external cosmos to be, the internal world is even more so.  It would take a mind, wider and deeper than the universe to fully understand a single one of us.  


Young students who are not naturally docile and servile are often labelled as having a disorder and drugged into submission.  Docility and conformity are poor qualities for anyone creative, curious and longing to be free.  That such students should be drugged into tolerance of banal, boring curriculum and shoddy teaching is criminal.


Most people fear contempt more than they desire admiration.  They avoid contempt by conformity and deception rather than seek admiration by originality and candor.  Capacity for the beautiful and genuine then atrophies, and often disappears.


Just as the physical and mental health of mankind is at risk, so is the health of the planet.  What an incredible opportunity for those who profess to be leaders.  It is incomprehensible at such a time that they would demean their humanity by lavishing their time, energy and talent on nothing  but pursuit of power and profit, but so most of them have.


Those born poor who become rich, or were born humble and became powerful are eager to tell us what good fortune it was to have had to struggle with adversity.  One wonders then why they try so hard to protect their children from having that same good fortune.  


When we are told to do something contrary to our nature and beliefs with promise of a reward for doing so we are faced with a question of values, for we alone know the worth of our character and beliefs, and the price at which we will betray them.


One can be fully human and not feel obliged to bring others to principles, ethics or morality, but it is hard to see how one can be fully human and turn others away from them.


Billions of years parented genetic evolution.  Societal and cultural evolution, having been a scant thirty thousand years in gestation, are not yet out of the womb.  To think that present embryonic concepts of societal organization, such as nation state, corporation, and capitalism, are advanced is absurd.  Yet we endow them with unlimited power, and through them, presume to control all mankind, the earth and even a bit of the universe.  Are we mad?